Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Movie Stars??

Kenny has always told me that people tell him he looks likes James Bond (Daniel Craig) I on the other hand say pft... ya whatever.  Since we have dated and gotten married I have been with him on SEVERAL occasions to where people claim he looks exactly like him!  And it has followed him clear to here on the east coast So here is the evidence...

Yeah? No?  Yea....I don't know if I am entirely convinced either.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coming Back!

Time is so tricky.  It flies by without you even looking up to notice, or it can drag on until seconds become years.  The past two weeks time was even more confusing then it usually is!  I went home to Utah for two weeks which was very long but then again not long enough!  I got to see many of my friends…

Lots of my family…

I was able to attend a wedding, a bridal shower, and helped plan a baby shower all in two weeks!  But there was one thing I didn’t get to do in that two weeks - see Kenny!  Two weeks without him was crazy!  While at the same time I was having a blast being back home to familiar scenes, I couldn’t help but want the time to go by quickly so I could get back to him!  So slowly, but yet quickly the two weeks went by.  I got on my plane to come home and had an awesome opportunity to talk about my religion to the lady next to me.  I was able to answer her questions that no, the sister’s wives are NOT part of our religion and yes, we ARE allowed to have candy.  I was really happy to clear up those misunderstandings. 
 As soon as I got off the plan I could not wait to see Kenny!  Finally he came around with the car and there he was! ... With a dark thick mustache?
(ok well he wasn't wearing the helmet at the airpot but mustache... yes haha)
Yes my dear husband likes to keep me on his toes and laughing.  I am glad he keeps life so interesting.  But I was just happy to see him and not to mention our very clean apartment and flowers he had gotten for me to welcome me home. (Please notice the ‘vase’ haha).  I sure love him, and it is GOOD TO BE BACK!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I have now experienced the joys of crafting.  First of all, I went to the dollar store and bought dollar frames and headbands that were actually one penny for three of them… that’s right one penny. (I have also experienced the joy of bargain shopping can ya tell?)  So I took my dollar frames and modpodged some old scrapbook paper I had lying around.                

Then after I crafted that up, I wrapped the headbands in fabric and hot glued material flowers on them!  Easy!     

So even though I still have a ways to go till I get to this…        
(This was my sister’s baby shower that my sister-in-law, Mandy, created.  Go to     

I don’t think I realized that it would be so fun to get crafty!  This is living proof that ANYONE can craft!


Then because I was feeling crafty I ended up making cupcakes with delicious frosting made with powdered sugar, cream cheese, and fresh raspberries. Hmmm....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back In Utah!

The past two weeks I have been back in Utah for some very special occasions!  First was Lucy's blessing.  It was so neat to see my brother-in-law bless little Lucy with such a sweet blessing!  It was so fun to have everyone together and I got to meet Lucy's birthmom who is such an amazing girl!    
Then I was able to go to the Sealing of Lucy to her parents at Mt. Timp Temple, the next Saturday which was amazing!!! It was a big testimony builder of how important families are and how they are really meant to be together forever!  Here is the beautiful family...
So amazing to be able to come back for this but oh man do I miss Kenny!  Good thing I am going back this Friday, cause I sure miss him!

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