Friday, January 22, 2010

Flooded Apartment

We were so excited when some of Kenny's family offered to let us borrow their washer and dryer! We got them all set up and ready to use. . . or so we thought. We left that night to go play games with some of my family, and then the next morning decided to try out our new toys. We put in a total of two towels that were not even very dirty we were just really excited. I left to go into the next room when I heard Kenny shouting (some choice words :) haha) and then as I walked around the corner I too saw what all the shouting was about. Our kitchen had about one inch of water and more was flowing out of the washer by the second. We had forgot one small detail about the washer. We didn't put the drain tube into the drain. Great. So we grabbed all the towels we had (which is about a grand total of two) and tried to soak it all up. We would use one to soak up water then run out in the snow and ring the other out. It was quite the adventure and gave us both a really good laugh!
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