Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Keeps Life Interesting

Where would we be without our failures?  Not laughing that is for sure.  I love to pretend I am a real homemaker sometimes and often I get a little over eager and start doing things like making a pie…  It was all going well I made a really pretty crust and folded it into fours just like my mom had taught me.  Carefully I placed it in the oven and took it out when it was golden brown.  Suddenly, it was leaking everywhere as the filling was the consistency of water.  Our failures are meant to teach us one thing or another.  Often we get so upset when we are not perfect or when things don’t turn out our way.  Reality comes and honestly we are not going to be perfect and the cool thing is… that’s okay!  Life would not be fun if we were perfect.  The important thing is to learn from each mistake and then move in!  Do not dwell!  Next time I make a pie, I will definitely not forget the corn starch. 
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