The Couple's Beginning

According to him:

My friend James Bird and I wanted to go on a camping trip up Diamond Fork Canyon.  There is some hot springs there and we thought it would be fun to build some snow caves in January and play in the hot springs.  We started to invite everyone we knew so we wouldn't be the only ones up in the moutains freezing in a snow cave.  We are so considerate.  James said that he was going to bring his girl friend and that she might have some friends that might want to come, but I doubted it.

When the day came we had a group of 16 going camping.  James and his group went up first and I was coming later because of work.  As my group and I were driving up the canyon I realized that Jame's truck was parked in the middle of the road WELL before the trail head.  The trail had been closed four miles before the trail head.  James and his group were no where to be found and there was no cell service.  They had started hikingdespite being so far out from the trail head.  Part of my group thought this was just too much and went home.  The rest of us started hiking.  We had gotten about a mile and a half before we ran into Jame's group which consisted of James, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend's friend.  As our two group combined we kept walking.  For the next four miles or so I had a good times just talking and joking with everyone and I was also getting to know Jame's girlfriend's friend very well.

We finally got to just the beginning of the actual trail head and we were all exhausted.  We had to scratch the snow cave idea (It has been raining and the snow was all wet).  So we started making a tarp shelter to sleep in. 

Not to toot my own horn or anything but for what we had, we made a darn good shelter.  After our show of survival skills/shelter making abilities we crawled into bed.  I layed my sleeping bag in the middle under where water might drip out onto too.  After seeing what an awesome shelter I could make, James's girlfriend's friend chose to conveniently put her sleeping bag next to mine.  

As the night went on everyone else fell asleep while me and this girl stayed up all hours of the night talking and laughing.  She told me her name was Andrea, she liked to play tennis, she liked to hike and camp, she even enjoyed fishing every now and then.  I thought this girl was awesome, but still hadn't seen her face.  

The next morning the sun was shinning in our tarp shelter and I woke everyone up and looked at the girl named Andrea sleeping next to me.  I was in shock.  This girl I had been talking to all night was well out of my league.  After hiking miles in the snow, eating on her hands and knees, and sleeping in a tarp shelter.... she was beautiful.  

Everyone got up and James and I started making a fire with wet wood.  It's pretty hard, good thing we are strong tough men.  It was close to noon at this time and that's when we told everyone we would be home, but we all wanted to finish the hike so onward we went.  

Andrea was hiking next to me and told me that she had not brought a swim suit so she was just going to sit and watch.  That was the worst idea I had every heard in my life.  I was not going to let her sit this out.  I told her that I had brough a black underarmor shirt that she could wear and I also told her she could use my swim shorts.  "You can only use them on one condition"  I said "If you wear my shorts the only thing I will have left is my speedo."  She shot the idea down real quick.  After we finally made it to the hot springs and Andrea saw how good the springs looked she changed her mind.  I gave her my shorts and she went behind a rock to change.  When she came out I was in my bright blue Speedo and that is when she fell in love.  

As we sat in the hot springs it began to rain harder and harder.  Our boots sitting out were filling up with water.  Soon the rain turned into hail.  Andrea at this point turned to me and asked, "Are we going to die?"  

We started hiking back feeling 1000 pounds heavier.  After the first few miles Andrea started to go slower and slower.  She then said, and I quote, "I am so tired if only there were a big strong man that coudl hold my hand and just pull me along."  Because there weren't any big strong men around I figured I could do my best, so I grabbed her hand started to pull her along.

Andrea and I finally made it back to the cars; we were the first ones there.  I lifted her up on the truck bed so she could rest and I walked back to help the others.  We were all starving and made plans to go to IHOP and get some pancakes.  I figured I would get to talk to Andrea there more.  We had all drove in seperate cars so I never said goodbye assuming I would see her at IHOP.  When we got there, Andrea was not there.  

Well I thought that was the end of it and I would never see her again.  Later I then asked James' girlfriend for Andrea's phone number and the next night we were together once more.  That's how it began.  

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