Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Patrick ’s Day is a big deal, especially to our friend Phil.  He throws a huge party full of apple beer, log throwing contests, and even spoon fights where people actually bleed!  Really though, this is an intense party!  We get to dress up and go line dance while speaking with an Irish accent all in the same night!  Very fun St. Patty’s Day!
 Spoon fighting is really dangerous actually.  I am surprised how much the guys enjoyed this part… okay actually I’m not surprised…

Happy (late) St. Patrick ’s Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bear, Delaware

After sleepless nights, long lists of pros and cons, friends and family’s advice, weeks of fasting (ok yeah not really weeks… more like hours.) we have finally made the decision…
We really are moving to BEAR, DELAWARE!!!
Kenny is going to do summer sales with the company Vivint. 
This has been quite the decision for us.  We have gone back and forth, and back and forth… and then back and forth again!  We wanted to stay in Utah and finish school and keep on working our same jobs, but we also wanted to have this new experience of moving out of state and trying something very very NEW!  Our friends Makelle and Austin will be out there with us, and that is very comforting to have familiarity in somewhere that will be very foreign for a ‘Utahern’ like myself.  Imagine the new sites I will see!  I am excited at this opportunity to grow and gain new experiences.  I am sure the summer will be full of times where it is really hard but we also feel very good about beginning this adventure together.  Here we come Bear, you better watch out, the McAffee’s are coming to town!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Lucy

Dear Lucy…
As many of you already know my sister and her husband were able to adopt recently!  It has been an amazing miracle!!  As Lucy has gotten older (four months… I know I’m talking like it’s been four years!!!) she truly has blessed our family in so many ways.  First of all, I have got to watch my sister and her husband show me great examples of complete faith in Heavenly Father and his real plan for us.  We may think we have a plan but… heh heh heh something else BETTER is always in store for us.  My faith in prayer has grown through seeing them have this complete package of joy be able to be in their lives.  Another blessing Lucy has brought into our family’s life is seeing other family member’s joy through this little miracle girl.  Seeing my snowmobiling-never-stopin-wilderness-survivin-sevendy-nine-year-old grandpa hold Lucy in his arms and looking at her with such joy brought tears to everyone’s eyes.  We all love her and I am so happy she is in our family!  Love you Lucy!!  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Something burnt, something cool, and some new snow shoes!

Burnt:  Well it happened again.  I tried to cook.  Actually lately I have been getting really interested in cooking fun new meals.  It all started when I actually went to the grocery store.  I found that it is incredibly easier to cook when you have more than just Worcestershire sauce and peanut butter sitting in your fridge.  So there I found myself making homemade hamburger buns on my day off of work.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought and I was really proud of myself for making something from scratch.  Well I had made more dough than expected so I had to save half to put in later.  Kenny came home from work and we decided to go hang out with our friends Carson and Shellena and Roy and Elliot.  So I put the rest of the dough in the oven…. And away we went to go play.

Three hours in the oven set at 350 = Very smoky apartment and bad smell.  At least I do have proof that I didn’t ruin the first batch!

Cool: Valentine’s Day this year seemed rather busy.  So we had decided to celebrate it over the weekend which didn’t really work out since I had to work but it still turned out to be very cool!  So even though this is really late…
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kenny did a very cool surprise and bought me a keyboard so that I can re-learn how to play the piano!
Snowshoes:  My mom is very adventurous as long as it doesn’t come to heights.  She loves outdoors, hiking, and camping.  So my own mom planned our family a very fun trip to go snowshoeing on President’s Day.  We hiked all around Snow Basin in funny shoes that force you to walk like a duck leaving your hip flexors very sore the next day.  It was a very fun family day.

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