Monday, October 25, 2010

You and Me Goin Fishin in the Dark...

So we like crazy dates right?  Some of our friends (aka Makelle and Austin)  also like crazy dates.  So we take turns planning crazy dates!  Simple right?  Well it was the girl's turn to plan the date and we were ready to go all out. 
Kenny grew up in Vernal and loved fishing all night on the Green River.  I figured that would be a perfect date!  Drive late at night, fish all night, and drive back to finish out with some IHOP pancakes.  Well, we began planning our adventure...  We stole the boys (who had NO idea what was about to happen) and met up in Heber to start the date. Well as we were driving the long road to nowhere we tried to get the boys to guess where we were going.  Soon we found they really had no idea where we were going!  Excited as can be I told them we are going to..... the Green River to fish all night.... No excited screams were heard like I had pictured in my head.  I looked around the car dazed and smiling confused. What me and Makelle did not know was that it was a five hour drive to get there.  I guess I had not realized the Green River was in Flaming Gorge!  After the shock of how far away our date was I got the excited chants from Ken and Austin that I had wanted.  :)  Four hours later we found ourselves fishing into the wee hours on the night while eating junk food and singing fishin' songs.  Suprisingly we caught so many fish too!  After driving another five hours back we all collapsed in our apartment and slept for a couple hours.  After our good hour and a half nap we woke up and went to Kneaders for breakfast.  Although the plan may have not worked out ... perfectly... it was still a fun adventure! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have realized that today is October 19th.  This may not mean too much to some but to me I realize that next month I will have been married ten months!  Now to some this may not seem like too much.  To me it feels like I got married last week!  How has it almost been a year now?  Time is such a funny thing!  It goes by so fast but then at times it stands still.  I have loved every second being married to my best friend and am excited to be able to still have eternity! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Enjoy the Moment!

I love looking forward to big fun events! I love it when something fun and exciting awaits you in the coming weekend pulling you through the dreariness of everyday mundane moments. I’ve come to realize something though... It is more important to be exciting and happy in the moment and not always just look forward to something! Enjoy what is going on around you! Laugh about the funny mishappenings during each day. Enjoy the moment you are in!
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