Sunday, April 22, 2012


It happens every day in stores all over.  It really is such an ordinary task that many people are completing it daily.  So why then did my heart do a flip with this one purchase?  Yes, we jsut bought our first car seat.  This ordinary task really threw us for a loop.  Kenny's palms were pooling sweat.  I kept on looking up and down the aisles sure that we had bystanders watching us.  The checker lady checked us out normally, not even making one comment about this crazy purchase we were making.  Nope, this was not out of the ordianry for anyone else, but it certainly changed our world!

So now we have now it, our first car seat.  It makes me more excited seeing the growing number of baby items in our house.  I sometimes walk into the nursery just to make sure it all is still there and this is all really real...  I wonder if anyone else had similar feelings, or if I'm just a little crazy.  Let me go check...

Yup it is still there.  So crazy but so fun.

On another note, my family has had some fun times lately filled with lots of celebrating!  My sisters and I threw a suprise party for my mom to celebrate being 5 years cancer free!  All my sisters made it turn out really cute and very fun!!

Then this weekend Kenny's parents will be in town to celebrate us graduating! Wahoo!

And my belly is still getting bigger. 

Good times ahead. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Much Needed Announcement

So I’ve disappeared for a while for two reasons…

1.        I graduate in less than three weeks, so I’ve been working my butt off to stay alive and pass with at least decent grades.  Although, being honest, at this point I’d be happy with any passing grade.

2.       I have had some really exciting news and because I wanted to wait to share it… I simply have had to just keep my mouth shut or it will come exploding out!

Kenny and I are expecting a baby BOY on September 9th!!!

It all started on our second anniversary when we were celebrating by picking up some groceries on our way to Park City.  Suddenly in the middle of Wal-Mart I explained to Kenny that I desperately wanted to eat some tomato soup (if you know me at all, you know I HATE tomatoes of any kind).  Kenny laughing at me told me we had better buy me a pregnancy test because if this was not a sign of pregnancy he didn’t know what was.  Well laughing and joking we snuck over to the you-know-what-aisle and embarrassingly I made Kenny go buy THE TEST.  We went home to put away our groceries before we set out on our trip and Kenny reminded me of the test.  Still laughing at the whole situation I went and did my business on it and turned it face down on the sink.  You see, this has been our plan for a while, to find out together if we were pregnant.  So we set a timer for three minutes and waited.  Kenny went to flip over the test and as I was expecting to see just one line…. I saw two.  We are pregnant!  We both looked at each other and laughed, so I took two more.  These only proved twice more that we were really pregnant!  We were so happy beyond all reason we could just not stop laughing and smiling.  We drove to Park City a little later and bought a very gender neutral baby outfit.  Our checks were literally sore from smiling.  We had to tell someone but knew it was too early… so Kenny told the cashier at one of the stores we went too.  If only she knew that she was the first to know, I think she might have felt a little more special.  So now here we are 17 weeks along and we already found out that it is definitely a boy!  We couldn’t be more excited!  So now that the news is finally out, maybe I can start writing a wee bit more without having to hold myself back! 

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