Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where to begin?!

Well well.. .where do I begin?  Happy New year! Now Happy one year anniversary to me and Kenny!  I really cannot believe it has been a whole year!  Well there really is so much to tell where do I begin… let’s just start with some pictures.
Christmas eve was quite the adventure this year.  It began with us bundling up in all the snow gear we could possibly fit on  our bodies then driving up the canyon with Dione, Taylor, Brynne, and Dane.  It ended with a tragic broken thumb of Dione’s, all because a stupid dog wouldn’t get out of our way as we flew down a cliff of death.  Luckily she did recover. 

I loved having Christmas morning with just my husband.  Later we went over to my parents and had a fabulous time, but it was really fun waking each other up and getting just as excited to open presents together just like we were six years old again....
yes... our tree was only about 10 inches tall.  Because it was so small we put it on our table/deck furniture and put all the presents underneath.  It was fun to have this to laugh about.

Kenny made sure to make my birthday extra special by bringing my breakfast in bed and loading all these on top of me while I was still sleeping!  Best birthday ever! 

We had so much fun going to Salt Lake’s New year eve party with Austin and Makelle… who are soon going to be wedded (APRIL 30TH!!)… The next day Austin and Ken had planned me and Makelle another big birthday celebration full of restaurants singing to us, playing tennis, getting our nails done, and wonderful birthday crowns and sashes that we were required to wear ALL day.  So fun. 
And Finally... Our cruise to celebrate ONE YEAR!!!!

We had a blast celebrating our marriage… and even though the cruise was a little wet and rainy we still had a lot of fun.

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