Friday, June 8, 2012


Our Family takes a trip to Star Valley, Wyoming every year right around Labor Day.  Well this Labor Day might actually call for real labor for me so my family was kind enough to plan another trip for Memorial Weekend. We did ALOT of fishing (and by we I mean Kenny and Paul). 
Maybe it was too much fishing....

We all went four-wheeling including us pregnant girls.  Don't worry we were careful :)

All the grandkids got to feed and ride the horses which they absolutly loved!!!

Lucy is getting so big and was running around and talking away! 

Asher got a mud bath which he wasn't so thrilled about.  

Well Hello there Evan!

The whole family only stayed for the weekend, but Kenny and I decided to stay a little longer and visit Jackson Hole and Yellowstone.
.....Aaaaand maybe tie a raft to our little car to float out on a freezing glacier lake.  It's all in a day for us.

Don't worry- Kenny found something to ride :)

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