Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Curse

I love Holidays, or any reason to celebrate for that matter.  I am beginning the think that we have a curse on Valentine's Day though because we always seem to end the day at the hospital.....

Last year I was just a couple weeks pregnant and was having terrible cramps.  Kenny had led me around on a scavenger hunt of all of our old memories, and by the end of the night I could not walk I was in so much pain.  I found myself at the doctor just to make sure everything was okay.  Turned out to be just a UTI and everything was just fine.

 This year I was hoping for a less stressful day.  We had planned to put Cade to bed and have dinner by a fire in our living room.  Wellllll..... a couple minutes before Kenny came home I had put Cade in his swing for just a couple minutes.  We always put him in his swing right before nap-time to get him a little sleepy.  I did not realize that my little boy had realized how to jump.  I turned around as I heard him cry and saw him on the ground... out of his swing.  Ah.... such a bad mother.  I felt so horrible.  I picked him up and he stopped crying and was all smiles and giggles again.  I just looked and him and said, "wow, tough boy!"  Since he did not seem bothered at all I felt like everything was just fine... till he threw up.   Then he threw up again.  Then.... he threw up again.  After calling the doctor twice they convinced us that we probably should bring him in just in case.  It was still hard to think something was wrong because he looked like this...

So we rushed to the hospital where he continued to laugh at the nurses and the doctor.  She seemed the think the throw up and fall were not related at all since he was still happy and did not show any signs of being hurt.  She sent us home and told us to just keep an eye on him!  Phew.  Cade will never have to know about any of this.  Unless he fails Kindergarten... then I might have to explain.

I think I'll pass on Valentine's Day next year.


  1. oh i HATE that feeling!-haha, the bad mother one AND the uti one. NOT fun!! man, i don't blame ya for wanting to skip the 14th! :)

  2. Wow, what a sad story. Glad the cutie was okay this time :-)


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