Saturday, September 8, 2012

Waiting and Wishing

Nine months has seemed to go faster than the last two weeks!  Originally I was suppose to have the baby this past week!  He was seeming to be a very big baby and not dropping down so they (as in the Dr's) were planning on taking me early.  I came into my appointment the day before I was originally going to have this child and his head had dropped down and he was looking ready to come!  Wahoo!  Except that meant I had to keep waiting... and waiting.... now here I am at my due date with no baby except the one still squirming in my over sized basketball belly.  See.  Here is proof.

No not a basketball, defiantly a baby.  

So now we are just waiting and wishing that this baby will come so I don't have to wait one more week!  
We have been keeping pretty busy planning some last Hoorah's before the baby comes and also checking things off our "baby bucket list"!  

One trip that we thought was going to be our last was Lake Powell with the Buckmasters!

This is the first time that a men's XXL still was a struggle to zip up.  At least Elliot who is also pregnant had to suffer through this with me!  She is also having a little boy!  

So after this trip we were getting all ready... to only wait some more.  

So.... we went to Star Valley, Wyoming!

Don't worry I only went four-wheeling a litttllllle bit.  :)

We got to hang out with all of the soon-to-be Cade's cousins!

Introducing Kaitlyn!!!  She is only going to be a little bit older than Cade.  She is such a good baby I hope Cade learned from her how to sleep, sleep, and sleep!

 Beautiful sunset in good ole Afton, Wyoming!

So now I'm thinking okay this baby really must be coming now, I don't know how much more I can take!?!  But atlas no baby.  So we decided to check a few things off our "baby bucket list".  Like crawdad fishing!  We loaded ourselves in Dione and Taylor's minivan with everything from screen nets from old doors to spicy Cheetoes to keep the pregnant lady and little kids busy and happy.  

Then we started hunting!  At first I was very doubtful about this little adventure Kenny had set us up on.  I did not think we would catch anything... let alone this...

Yes in our little cooler, that I am pretty sure I'll never use again, are over 60 disgusting crawling crawdads!  

Here is all the girls watching the boys catch the little guys.

Little did I know the real adventure was taking the crawdads home and cooking them up.  It consisted of disgusting sounds of claws and tails being snapped and cracked off.  I got really brave and did one myself!

                          After seeing so many being torn apart, I couldn't bring myself to even eat one.  

So now I guess all we really can do is just wait and wish that the baby will come soon!  Very soon!


  1. Waiting is the worst!!! You have to have an emotional breakdown before he will come. Once you have it, he will be here shortly after. :) here's to waiting. Can't wait to see the newborn picts. !

  2. I'm glad you've got to do a lot of fun stuff even though the waiting isn't any fun!

    P.S. I think that is the messiest I've ever seen Evan! Such a beat up and boogie face! But still cute!


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